Know the three types of financial mindset


Know the three types of financial mindset

How we approach our finances can make a difference in our lives. The experts identified three types of financial mindset. In which one do you stand?
mentalidad financiera
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Mind's power

The mind is the best place to invest, or rather it is where we must first invest. That is why opting for a proper financial mindset is vital.

A renowned writer once said: "The most powerful asset we have is our mind."

"I don't have enough money", "the fortnight is going like water through my fingers", "just as it came, it left", these are typical phrases that we have all heard myself said at some point.

Starting from this premise, we are going to dedicate this article to that aspect that can help us move forward or slow down: Our thinking, but we are going to guide you to the financial part.

To get into context we would like to ask you:

Mentalidad Financiera
Financial Mindset

Do you really know what financial mindset is? and where are you located?

The financial mindset is the way you think and the one that allows you to see how you manage the resources you have. Your financial mindset could be passed down from generation to generation and is kind of like the backdrop to our economy.

Knowing what your financial mentality is, will allow you to begin to act and generate tasks so that you can achieve your proposed goals.

In that sense, we are going to talk about the three ways of thinking that the experts have identified. Keep reading so you know where you stand!

Fighting mentality

People with this type of mentality have financial disorder as their central problem. Your goal is to receive a salary or to generate a steady income to cover your expenses. But there is no clarity of objectives to build an economically responsible lifestyle.

They receive their income and with it, they leave. They are very sensitive to impulse purchases. These types of people think more about immediate reward. "If I earned it today, I'll spend it today, I'll see tomorrow" ... generating a feeling of living struggling to get ahead.

Tu mente, es tu activo más poderoso
Your mind is your most powerful asset

Scarcity mentality

It is the tendency to blame others for lack of money or failures to manage it. The scarcity-minded person does not admit responsibility for keeping his finances in order. They consider that their current situation has been generated by their luck and they yearn for an inheritance or the prize of a lottery to solve their life.

They are victims of the government, of the robbery of the banks, of the high taxes and of the badly they pay in the companies. They care little about saving and do not see a horizon of economic freedom and good financial health.

Abundance mentality

The abundance mentality has nothing to do with the new age… On the contrary, it is a thought pattern that leads to working with awareness. Always thinking that you have to take advantage of opportunities and invest, take risks that allow you to grow at a personal or business level.

Those who have an abundance mentality look further, they are a person who saves, has financial planning or who seeks advice when they do not know what to do.

He is also aware that his money cannot remain static, so he opens himself up to the possibility of investing a percentage of his salary, another percentage is destined to savings and at the same time they cover all his needs.

Their mentality of abundance leads them to think about how to multiply their income without unbalancing or putting at risk the capital destined to cover personal expenses and those of their family.

Now that you know which ones exist, what is yours?

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