Discover how to reduce your health care expenses with these five steps


Discover how to reduce your health care expenses with these five steps

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Our personal finances are a priority element in our day-to-day lives; however, health care and trying to have a healthy lifestyle should also be priorities. In Latin America, we are not used to health prevention, and it is not until the last moment when certain diseases appear or are already advanced that we turn to our doctor to act.

At BMI, we believe that prevention is extremely important, and regular check-ups should be part of your routine at least every six months or year. Taking tests periodically can help you detect diseases that are easy to treat but that often become chronic precisely because of a lack of these check-ups.

In this installment of the blog, we want to share with you five actions that you can consider taking care of your health and that, at the same time, will help you minimize your costs for medical care.

1- Select the health plan according to your needs

You should know that before acquiring a health policy, it is necessary to investigate, compare, and consider a series of factors such as your age, current medical situation, if there is any family condition that may affect you in the future, and, of course, if you already have any pre-existing conditions.

This information will help you define the type of policy you require, although the most important thing is that it fits your budget and income so that it does not become an additional source of stress.

2- Choose providers that are within the medical network of your insurance

Health insurance usually has agreements with certain providers, which means that the costs of services are lower compared to other out-of-network providers. This will undoubtedly help you minimize your expenses because you will pay less for the same service.

Additionally, you will have guaranteed coverage as stipulated in your policy. When a doctor or hospital is not in the network, you are likely to pay much more money and have too many limitations and exclusions.

Cámbiate a medicamentos genéricos

3- Switch to generic drugs

This information may not be known to many people, but generic drugs are just as effective as brand-name drugs and are much cheaper. The element that surely worries many is its effectiveness, but all those that have been approved by regulatory authorities such as the FDA in the United States and the EMA in Europe meet the established quality standards; therefore, you can trust them without any concern.

The low cost is because generic manufacturers do not have the same R&D and marketing expenses. Now that you have this information, it is an excellent alternative to saving money on the purchase of medicines.

4- Use the benefits of preventive care in the policies

Prevention helps detect chronic diseases and health problems before they begin to generate major complications. The types of preventive care vary but include annual checkups, immunizations, and shots, as well as certain medical tests and exams.

Some health policies offer discounts to encourage early detection of some diseases. This varies according to the type of policy and country; for example, a free mammogram on your first visit to the specialist (you will save money but at the same time take care of your health) Remember that any discount must be taken advantage of because, in the long term, it will translate into savings for your pocket.

Seleccionar el plan de salud acorde a tus necesidades

5- Use telemedicine for diseases with mild symptoms

Telemedicine boomed during the pandemic and, today, it is a commonly used medical tool that helps us manage our time and at the same time has a lower cost than the usual visit to the primary care physician or visiting an emergency center. 

Remember, telemedicine is much more than the possibility of carrying out medical visits without face-to-face contact; it also includes the digitalization of the file; you can check your records online from any device; and it helps to avoid long hours in a clinic or hospital.

Finally, you must be clear that by taking positive actions that benefit your health, you are applying preventive measures that will help you avoid unnecessary expenses for treatments and medical visits. If you implement these five steps, your health and finances will be strengthened, but your financial health will improve considerably.

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