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Thanksgiving Day or also known as Thanksgiving, is one of the most important holidays in the United States since it dates from the dawn of the country's culture. This is celebrated to commemorate the union carried out between the first settlers to arrive on American soil and the local Indians, through a dinner, almost 400 years ago.

However, it was from the consummation of Independence, that it was being printed in the popular culture of society, so everything was not constituted as an official holiday.

Later, after the Civil War, when he arrived at an annual party that not only serves to give thanks to this year for the good harvests, but also to promote the union of the whole family. In current times this date is celebrated on the fourth month of November and the interesting thing is that it serves as a preamble to Christmas. It is important to mention that, although at the beginning this festival was based on religion, with the passage the generation has become more a cultural issue of North American society, therefore, its implications are more than anything a tradition that is part of of the collective imagination of the American people.

We commemorate this occasion in a special way since BMI is constituted as a great family, where we celebrate its values and seek to translate them into our daily mission.

In addition, it is important to mention that, from its inception to date, three generations of the family that founded BMI have passed: which has strengthened ties, making one of our main internal missions the union between our peers, as well as the preservation of the values and traditions that identify us as a society.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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