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The influence of the father figure and his role in society, regardless of the cultural variable in question of details, is an issue whose relevance is maintained over time. Although the dates vary from country to country, the message is the same: venerate fatherhood for all that it represents and what it inspires.

Although it is not necessary to understand the reason for the genesis of this holiday, it should be noted that it has become one of the largest celebrations worldwide.

More than anything because of the emotional and affective content of human relationships and family ties that determine the way in which we achieve an identity in society and how we interact in it based on our personality and social education.


In Latin America, the custom was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors in colonial times, and since then it has become a holiday that is part of the collective culture of Latin American society.

That is why at BMI we understand the importance of this date because, be that as it may, we have all had parents and many of us are; As part of the cycle of life, we understand that celebrating parents and remembering the moments lived is one of the most important aspects of life.

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