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Living in an increasingly accelerated society, where the way in which we relate as a society is affected by work, cultural and family responsibilities, at an increasingly higher level, dates like these serve to get out of this apparatus of everyday life and break the ups and downs that we are all subject to.

The truth is that it is currently well known that the emotional factor is a determining aspect in humanity, therefore, carrying out a campaign that reports on the benefits it offers and the role that happiness plays in human life is one of the starting points in the search for an improvement in the problems caused by stress, depression and other internal problems.

It is interesting to understand that many of the current problems derive from the social inequality to which the population is subjected; Topics of interest such as poverty or the lack of opportunities in the labor sector are categorical indicators when it comes to measuring the well-being of a group of people.

A good exercise that can help you live your daily life more happily is to try to prevent the opinions of others from affecting you, not to base your actions on what is expected of you, but on what you want to be and do. That's a great way to feel good about yourself, which is the first step towards happiness.

Within the framework of this celebration, it is sought to build a future prone to providing the greatest amount of well-being to humanity, all this through an environment with health within everyone's reach, job opportunities, ecological awareness, education and emotional development.

A panorama that seems to be utopian, but that little by little begins to materialize in the face of a not so distant future.

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