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International Women's Day is not only a date to honor the role of women in society, but a way to create awareness around the equality that is sought for the female figure in contemporary society.

It was from the twentieth century that work began towards a balance between genders, gradually causing women to acquire equal rights. However, it has been a slow and winding road, and although differential progress has been made, there is still a lot of work to do to get there.

It is important to mention that even in the most modern societies of the present time, there are still great problems around gender violence and the lack of a rigor that determines a balance point. Thus, the biggest problem does not reside in a question of laws, but in the way of thinking of a hegemonic social system that comes from ancient times, where the gender division was much more marked.

At BMI today we celebrate women, not only in the search for an increasingly egalitarian future, but with the certainty that society is changing and new generations will know how to forge a much fairer horizon over the years.

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