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Thanksgiving is a time when American families come together to gratefully celebrate accomplishments, good health, and goals achieved throughout the year, while enjoying a traditional dinner where the main dish is turkey.

It is a celebration that has its origins in the early formative years of the United States as a nation, but it was not until much later that it was proclaimed as a national holiday. Since then, this festival, which takes place on the last Thursday in November, has been celebrated uninterruptedly and with great happiness.

Although at present this tradition has also been linked to commercial or entertainment reasons that have nothing to do with its essence, what should not be lost sight of is that beyond representing a gastronomic experience or a free day on the calendar It is an excellent opportunity for reflection and family unity; a moment to forgive and embark on a path where positive thinking is the guide.

We know that it is a very representative tradition of the United States, but it is also a date that promotes the values of unity, respect and gratitude, which can be adopted by any family around the world without the need to have a direct connection with said nation.

At BMI we want to wish you a Thanksgiving day full of love, harmony and all the affection of your loved ones.

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