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Table of Contents:

On August 12 we celebrate International Youth Day, created to remind us how children and youth are the future of our society.

This day was designated by the United Nations, in 1999, with the intention of raising awareness about the problems young people face today. International Youth Day offers governments and organizations the opportunity to speak on behalf of children around the world, emphasizing the importance of education and their quality of life, this achieved through different activities such as concerts, workshops, cultural events and meetings.

Each year the central theme to be discussed varies, and this year it will be centered on “Safe Spaces for Youth”. In a time where children and young people have unlimited access to information via the internet, social networks and different technological advances, the topic of this 2018 seeks to generate spaces for new generations in which they can unite on equal terms and participate in activities that are tailored to your needs and interests.

From physical spaces for sports and outdoor hobbies to digital spaces that allow children to interact in a real or virtual way with people their age from different parts of the world. The activities are carried out in different countries regardless of its economic status, the idea is always to be able to provide the youngest with a space free of conflicts, violence or the problems they face in their day to day, in order to create an optimal environment in which they can free themselves and at the same time raise awareness about the power they have in their hands to generate a positive change in the world.

Egalitarian and welcoming spaces that give young people freedom and the opportunity to explore and explore themselves are factors that contribute to their emotional, cognitive and physical growth.

Children represent the hope of society and the future, providing them protection, education and values, they will be aimed at creating a better tomorrow for all.

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