BMI Leadership: Mariuxi Mozo assumes the Presidency of BMI Dominican Republic


BMI Leadership: Mariuxi Mozo assumes the Presidency of BMI Dominican Republic

The economic, business and social empowerment of women is a key part of our BMI family. In our company we have a firm commitment to women whose contribution is invaluable in meeting business perspectives and organizational culture.
Mariuxi Mozo
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A leading woman, businesswoman and with an impeccable track record, Mariuxi is an example of intelligence and strength

Today we are pleased to recognize and applaud the service, delivery, perseverance and dedication that Mariuxi Mozo has served for 18 years as Financial and Administrative Manager at BMI Ecuador, as well as as General Manager of BMI Igualas Médicas del Ecuador, and who today assumes the presidency of BMI Dominican Republic.

!! Congratulations!!

Mariuxi has always been a pillar for our company, helping to generate tangible increases in productivity and innovation, as well as strengthening team dynamics and optimizing decision-making processes.

During his career he has contributed a leadership that has evolved over time, trying to maintain a balance between the results it hopes to obtain and the relationship with its work team. His style is characterized by inspiring to have a purpose, by encouraging to go beyond the expected results, always looking for spaces for integration and trying to empower and deliver autonomy without neglecting the mission.

Mariuxi's valuable contributions to the BMI organization

It is worth highlighting the construction of a financial model that would allow the company to be valued and to determine whether or not the proposed strategies generated value.. This model involved all areas of the company in BMI Ecuador and was carried out based on the discounted cash flow methodology and using a discount rate centered on the minimum rate of return expected by shareholders. Thanks to the success achieved, the model has been replicated in the operations of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and the Dominican Republic as an input for their strategic planning.

Nuevas oficinas BMI República Dominicana
New offices BMI Dominican Republic

Historic milestone for women at BMI

Mariuxi Mozo becomes the first woman to hold the presidency of one of our offices and tells us what it feels like to be part of our great family: “BMI is a multinational organization that offers a promise to be kept in people's most difficult moments, which brings behind it a high burden of credibility, solvency and commitment that each executive of the company is willing to demonstrate. These values are lived out every day at BMI and being part of them makes me feel very proud. BMI allows you to develop as a professional, accompanies you, challenges and guides you to achieve new and better challenges, this combined with a fair work-family balance. "

Female leadership

On female leadership; encourages women to build a career purpose, and then stick with it, work and act for it. Additionally, it emphasizes that: “The only way by which it is possible for us to grow as leaders is to stretch the limits of who we are.; undertaking new challenges that make our legs shake. But that, in turn, they provide us with the necessary teaching to be who we want to become ... Women, take risks, raise your hand, say I'm here, I want you to visualize me, let's break that glass ceiling that we have imposed on ourselves. Let's show that we can give our best version. "

Mozo tells us what BMI offers for her that leads us to be unique and different from the competition:

“BMI is synonymous with quality, excellent service and the promise of support when you need it most, however, what makes us unique and different is the human talent we have. Business models can be copied, however, the most important asset that large organizations have is Human Talent, who are the executors of the strategy ... and by being proud of the BMI brand, they generate long-standing trust and solidity. .¨

At BMI we would like to extend our most sincere congratulations for her great performance and trajectory that have made her worthy of her new position as President of BMI Dominican Republic. We are proud to recognize his spirit of constant improvement as a sign of the strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence, putting up one of the basic principles in our corporate philosophy, which is to guarantee a service of the highest quality.

Mariuxi Mozo- Presidenta BMI República Dominicana
Mariuxi Mozo- President of BMI Dominican Republic

Challenges of current leaders

Mariuxi emphasizes that in a world VUCA There are some challenges that every leader must consider. However, a very important one is to lead teams towards digital transformation when work cultures are traditional, when they did not have such rapid adoption of new trends on their radar, now more with the global COVID-19 pandemic than we live. This requires great efforts of different kinds to manage the change and that the whole team is aligned.

Another interesting challenge is working in teams from different generations, whose interests and motivations are totally opposite, although with the same corporate north.

Mariuxi Mozo is committed to the current challenges and to BMI's growth plans in the Dominican Republic. It indicates that these will be based on “strengthening the value proposition through our international products, but also on identifying those market niches that have not been served so far. Our proposal will be to offer top quality products to meet these unmet needs; understanding the dynamics of the Dominican market and combining it with the successful model of our sister companies.¨

Message for the new generation of BMI work

According to the new generation of work Just starting her career at BMI, Mariuxi brings you a powerful and motivating message. "Make your voice heard, always propose, no matter if they are elaborate or simple ideas." Young man demonstrates his commitment as a leader and entrepreneur by pointing out that, for the interests of the company and its shareholders; leaders cannot stifle the creativity and initiative of new committed employees; and that including them immediately in the business dynamics will contribute to organizational growth.

We are grateful and confident of Mariuxi Mozo's commitment; woman who has revolutionized and will continue to revolutionize the history of BMI with extraordinary actions now from the Presidency of the Dominican Republic.

We celebrate your successes, congratulations! 

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