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With more than 40 years in business, BMI's mission has been directed towards building a solid company, with special attention to developing trust among its clients in a financial sense. So much so that BMI has been awarded various kinds of awards, such as the "Excellent" rating from AM Best, or recognition such as being part of the exclusive list of the 50 best insurers in the world.

As a great advantage, the experience in the insurance market and permanent presence throughout the years of BMI, is directly reflected in the way of working and in the service that is provided.

Other companies with shorter routes do not have the stability or reliability to cover all the customer's eventualities. In addition, they attract clients with advertising or gimmicks for the sole purpose of selling, without being interested in what really matters: the well-being of their policyholders.

Another of the most common tricks that these companies incur, is to assume the role of an insurer as such, when in reality they are only policy administrators, where they do not assume any risk or responsibility, but do so through a reinsurer, where the benefits are minimal and with limits that are not worth it.

BMI's strength for 44 years has been to insure residents of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the important thing is that the client is insured everywhere; all this with the notion that we have of the market thanks to experience.

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