What is group insurance?


What is group insurance?

A group insurance is ideal to protect the lives of the workers of a company. In addition to providing business peace of mind and a work environment of safety, trust and loyalty.
seguro colectivo
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Group insurance

They are an insurance modality that allows to cover individually a group of people with similar coverage needs. This type of insurance usually occurs in the business environment. It is used by companies as a benefit aimed at their workers and also to offer security to them, thus improving the relationship between worker and company, and guaranteeing the viability of the business despite unforeseen events.

As it is a group, they tend to have more convenient premiums than if they were individual insurance. Similar benefits are achieved, but at a lower price. This means that group insurance comprises a single contract that provides coverage to all the people who are part of a certain group who have some common link.

Offering group insurance to employees means thinking about their well-being, which translates into a benefit for all.

Seguros Colectivos
Collective Insurance

What are the main group insurances?

In reality, it is possible to insure a community with various types of insurance, although the main ones are:

  • Life
  • Health
  • Personal accidents

What are the benefits of group insurance compared to individual ones?

When we talk about the advantages of group insurance, the first thing we must consider is its price. Normally, they are cheaper than if they are hired individually, that is why they represent an interesting option for companies and collaborators.

In them, it is possible to contract more specific coverage that may be necessary to carry out a profession and that, however, are not available in individual insurance.

Seguros colectivos = bienestar laboral
Group insurance = labor welfare

In addition, as an advantage to take into account, it should be noted that, in the event of a claim, the management of benefits and the payment of compensation is usually more agile and faster. The mere fact of being a member of an insured group helps the insurance company's payments to be made more efficiently.

Finally, another of the great advantages offered by group policies is that in many cases they allow you to extend your coverage to the rest of the family. If we want our family to also receive coverage, it is only enough with the consent of the insurer and the payment of an extra premium.

This is common in health insurance that allows the whole family to have complete health services.

Employees are pillars in any company, at BMI we are aware of how important it is to maintain their peace of mind. With our Collective Insurance you protect them and their loved ones. Remember that their safety is yours.

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