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Securing the future: BMI Companies continues its international growth.

Case Study: BMI Companies

The BMI Companies headquarters in Miami requires the safe, fast and reliable shipment of confidential insurance documents to clients in the Caribbean and Latin America. UPS introduced international solutions and Spanish-language capabilities that support rapid regional growth.


The way insurance policies and payments reach customers can make or break a company's reputation. BMI must be certain that shipments to customers in Latin America and the Caribbean arrive quickly and safely. Tracking technology helps safeguard the location of documents sent to diverse and remote geographies.


UPS simplified BMI's shipping operation and introduced Spanish-language solutions. Today, with UPS WorldShip® software, BMI streamlines the delivery of confidential documents to customers by air with overnight delivery. UPS Quantum View® Manage visibility and tracking tools provide real-time updates on the location of each shipment.


  • UPS helped BMI save time and money by simplifying processing and eliminating data entry steps to complete customer orders.
  • With UPS Import Control®, BMI had better control and fewer errors when processing shipments across international borders
  • Secure, web-based tracking technology reduced shipment search times and customer service calls for BMI.
  • UPS strengthened agility and efficiency with capabilities and technology available in Spanish.

Business beyond expectations, and solutions in Spanish.

Andrew Sierra, Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Compliance Officer at BMI Financial Group, couldn't believe his ears. "I thought our negotiation would last five minutes and it would be about price," he says. "I never thought UPS would take the time to research our business and then propose to streamline our internal business and shipping processes." Sierra embraced UPS as a trusted shipping advisor, and it was all ears.

With its headquarters in Miami, BMI has more than 40 years of experience in providing life insurance, health insurance and travel assistance to its clients. In addition, he manages wellness and investment programs for Spanish-speaking clients in the Caribbean and Latin America. The ambitious firm also operates in several countries in the region and is expanding to others. UPS did much more than reinvent the BMI shipping process.

“We did the positioning of solutions in Spanish,” says Alida Velez, Marketing and Marketing Manager for the Professional Services Industry at UPS. "It was a big thing for them to support the growth of operations in Latin America."

BMI ships a high volume of express envelopes containing confidential information, including life and health insurance policies, travel assistance, and reimbursement checks.

To ensure the insurer's peace of mind (and its reputation for excellence), UPS proposed a highly secure overnight express delivery solution, UPS Worldwide Saver®. BMI also added UPS Import Control, a service that streamlines the movement of shipments across international borders, while helping BMI control the chain of custody of shipments containing personal information. With the addition of the Quantum View Manage tool, BMI was able to achieve complete and personalized visibility into shipment tracking, customs brokerage, and inbound and outbound shipment scheduling right from the desktop. And UPS even supplied it in Spanish.

“With this tracking system,” Sierra confirms, “we follow the trajectory of an envelope from the moment it is picked up until the moment it reaches our international offices or the hands of our clients. We have never had a problem with our shipments with UPS. " Sierra says she always perceived something different about UPS. "The personal touch," he called it.

"From the driver who delivered our packages to the account executive, UPS took a completely different approach, a human element," says Sierra. "For UPS, we are more than just a customer." An example? The day UPS presented its business proposal to Sierra, an exceptional event occurred. The UPS driver, who had a reputation for courtesy and professionalism, coincidentally showed up for his daily pickup. The UPS team briefly invited him to the business meeting, where he shook hands with Sierra and pledged to support BMI with the highest levels of reliability and personalized service.

Next came UPS innovation. "UPS applies its expertise to exactly what we need and what we do, individualizing a solution just for us," says Sierra. “UPS helps us bring who we are to the international market. We are an American company, although all of our clients are located outside of the United States. UPS is our connection to Latin America. "

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