• The maximum enrollment age is 70 years. No age limit for renewal.
  • Dependent children up to their 18th birthday or who are single and reside with the policy holder until their 30th birthday. Dependents who study full-time outside the country of residence until they are 24 years old.
  • A medical examination is required from 65 years of age.

Deductible Options

US$500 US$1,000 US$2,500 US$5,000  US$10,000 US$20,000
  • Applies per insured, per policy year, up to a maximum of 2 deductibles per family.
  • Only one deductible applies per family, per policy year, in the event of a joint accident in the country of residence.
  • Expenses incurred during the last 90 days of the policy year that do not exceed the deductible will be applied to the next period of the policy year.

Travel Assistance-Medical Emergency Transportation



  • BMI will cover the amount of the deductible -up to a maximum of US$5,000- in the event of a medical emergency due to accident or illness during a trip outside the country of residence.
  • The amount covered by BMI will be applied to the annual deductible of the contracted policy.
  • Follow-up visits will be covered according to the benefits of the policy. The insured will assume any remaining amount until reaching the limit of his deductible.



Air ambulance 100%
Transportation expenses for accompanying family member * When not allowed to accompany the insured on the air ambulance to the medical facility
Living expenses for accompanying family member * US$100 per day, maximum 5 days
Medical repatriation * US$25,000
Air ticket back to the country of residence (insured and companion) * US$1,000 per person, per event
Airfare for companion if hospitalized (more than 5 days) during a trip US$1,000
Repatriation of mortal remains or cremation services 100%
Return of minor children due to policyholder’s death US$1,000 per policy

*Following an air ambulance service

General Information

Maximum coverage per insured (Per policy year) US$5,000,000
Waiting period 30 days / Immediate coverage for accidents and infectious diseases
Geographic coverage Worldwide
Hospital network Free choice outside the US / BMI USA Azure Network in the US
Renewals Guaranteed. No age limit
Temporary emergency coverage due to accident while application is being underwritten US$50,000
50% deductible reduction in case of hospitalization in country of residence Applies to deductible options I, II & III
Elimination of the deductible for hospitalization as a result of an accident worldwide Applies to deductible options I, II & III
Emergency medical treatment outside the BMI USA Azure Network US$50,000
Exemption of premiums due to death or total and permanent disability of the holder under 60 years of age 2 years

Hospitalization Benefits

Medical and surgical charges 100%
Physician fees 100%
Laboratory tests and diagnostic services 100%
Hospital room 100%
Intensive care unit 100%
Prescription Drugs 100%
Hospital room charges for companion of hospitalized dependent under 18 years old (Per day. Maximum 30 days) US$100

Outpatient Benefits

Ambulatory surgery 100%
Visits to physicians and specialists 100%
Laboratory tests and diagnostic services 100%
Prescription Drugs US$7,000
Routine medical check-up (Deductible does not apply. Policyholder and spouse. 12 months waiting period) US$250

Maternity benefits

Maternity, includes routine neonatal care (No deductible) US$5,000
Maternity complications US$100,000
Conditions diagnosed within the first 90 days of birth (Lifetime) US$250,000
Umbilical cord stem cells preservation (Deductible does not apply. Per newborn) US$1,500

Other Benefits

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis 100%
Cancer risk reduction surgery (Prophylactic surgery) 100%
Reconstructive surgery due to illness 100%
Physical therapy, occupational therapy and language therapy due to illness or covered accident 100%
Treatment for injuries as a result of participation in non-professional sports 100%
Emergency room 100%
Dental treatment due to accident (Deductible does not apply) 100%
Congenital conditions (Diagnosed after 90 days of birth) 100%
Nutritionist services 100%
Local ambulance (Deductible does not apply) 100%
Home nursing (Maximum 90 days) 100%
Intraoperative prostheses 100%
Organ transplant (Lifetime) US$1,000,000
Medical benefit for organ resection from a donor US$30,000
AIDS treatment (Lifetime. 24-month waiting period) US$100,000
Permanent & total disability of policyholder under 60 years old US$50,000
Medical equipment, external prostheses and orthopedic devices US$25,000
Alzheimer's US$25,000
Surgical treatment for symptomatic foot disorders (24 month waiting period) US$1,000
Autism US$1,000
Hearing aid (12-month waiting period. US$1,000 lifetime) US$150 per year
Home health care visit 5 visits


Does not apply.

OPTIONAL additional coverage annex

  • Travel Assistance / Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Term Life Insurance (US$50,000 or US$100,000)

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