Health challenges in the post-pandemic

The world in general after the pandemic assumes great challenges, where health professionals and institutions together with the regulatory entities of each country must work hand in hand to strengthen the health system.

Table of Contents:

Below are the most important in the health sector in the post-pandemic.

The post pandemic and the remains of medicine

Challenges to face after the pandemic

The digital transformation

One of the great challenges of the post-pandemic, it is important to implement the following processes:

  1. Medical devices that are portable.
  2. Electronic records for patients.
  3. telemedicine.

These processes must take an immediate 100% leap to initiate the digital transformation in healthcare systems worldwide.

The control and prevention of infectious diseases

It is estimated that previously used vaccination schemes will be resumed to avoid preventable diseases, as well as increase the monitoring of epidemiological diseases such as:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Malaria.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • hepatitis.
  • Respiratory diseases.

Infections related to health care (HAI)

This topic of HAIs has been taken up again due to the number of infections that occurred at the time of health care during the pandemic. The risk of becoming infected in a health institution is greater, both for health personnel and for patients, since a contaminated patient can enter the institution at any time and contaminate the environment.

After the pandemic and what happened in the health sector, it was clearly understood that the protection of health personnel is vital, where preventive measures, clothing, prevention instruments, and safety play a very important role.

Non-communicable disease care

It is a new challenge that must be addressed, because as a result of the pandemic, many patients stopped going to health centers for routine check-ups of non-communicable diseases, for fear of contagion and even due to medical shortages caused by the casualties of the medical personnel due to Covid-19.

Here the challenge is the care of the community through the implementation of new procedures, in order to avoid suspensions of care services for disease control and likewise educate the community in order to improve habits.

COVID-19 definitely raised the gaze of the health system worldwide, which is why some issues such as those mentioned above are beginning to have more and more importance. This crisis could be just the beginning to have great advances in terms of health, if each of these challenges is overcome.

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