Student Scholarship

    ・ Destiny you write yourself, with every decision you make.
    ・ Deciding the education and environment that we want to provide our children is essential for their growth and is a responsibility that is in our hands.
    ・ Don't leave the most important thing in your life to chance. BMI seeks to be your peace of mind and support when your children need it most.


    It guarantees a comprehensive education in case of the absence of one of the parents. Insurance is offered that covers student expenses within the educational institutions until they finish their studies, with the aim of guaranteeing the best future for their children.

    Age limit

    ・ Maximum Entry Age in the issue: 70 years.
    ・ Age of Stay for all benefits: From 18 years of age to the day they turn 75 years of age on
    100% of the contracted coverage.
    ・ New inclusions: Up to 65 years of age.

    Coverage Conditions

    ・Benefit in case of death or total and permanent disability of one of the student's parents.
    ・The benefit is granted per student, not per family group.
    ・Compensation is made to the Educational Institution.


    ・Major Medical Expenses Plan totally free, after the absence of one of the parents, coverage of Major Medical Expenses (GMM) until they finish their studies and while they continue in the educational unit.

    What does it cover?

    ・Student Scholarship (Death from any cause) Total and permanent disability.

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