Group life

Eligibility and insurability of policyholders (owners and dependents)

• Eligible as holders are those who, as of the validity of the policy and / or endorsements, have a stable employment relationship with the Contracting Party.
• Eligible dependents are: the spouse or legal partner (common law) and the children of the eligible holder


To calculate the benefits of those claims in a currency other than that of the subscription, the exchange rate for the sale in force on the effective date of payment of the benefits will be taken.

Maximum age to apply to the plan

65 years

Insured limit

100% up to the maximum age of permanence in basic coverage and endorsements

New Endorsements

Permanent disability due to illness or accidents:
– One or four quarterly payments at the owner's choice
– Benefit independent of basic life coverage
– Covered up to 12 months in Life without premium payment
– Payment of compensation 90 days after verifying the total and permanent disability

Student scholarship, in the event of the death of the insured holder (father, mother or legal representative) of the insured student, BMI will pay monthly and consecutively to the educational institution, the coverage of the student scholarship:
– Age limit: 18 to 65 years at 100% of the contracted coverage for issues and new listings
* In Santo Domingo there are 104 educational entities, limited to schools, of the most recognized

Education expenses, it is covered in case of death of the insured:
– Annual enrollment of children in educational centers in the Dominican Republic
– Monthly pensions of the children of an educational center in the Dominican Republic, in which they have previously enrolled
– The benefits apply to the children, who at the date of the accident, are financially dependent on the insured holder
– Applies to unmarried beneficiary children, students up to 25 years of age.

Last expenses, provides peace of mind to your family in quickly and / or expeditiously processing an indemnity limit in the event of the death of the insured (owner and dependent), according to the limits covered in the particular conditions:
– Insured holders (employees, partners) and their dependents (spouses and children) apply
– Does not apply against reimbursement, but compensation
– The same concept of beneficiaries of basic life coverage applies

Family Income, this sum will be delivered to the beneficiary designated by the insured holder in the event of death, to be applied only under the concept of family income on a monthly basis:
– Age limit: 18 to 65 years at 100% of contracted coverage for issues and new listings
– Exclusions: Suicide, whether or not he is in the use of his mental faculties, during the first 2 years of continuous validity of the endorsement

Advance payment of terminal illness, you may have an advance of a percentage of life insurance upon the diagnosis of a terminal illness:
– Minimum waiting time of one month
– One or four quarterly payments at the owner's choice
– The terminal illness must be considered fatal and the term of life of the insured person is not more than 12 months
– As long as advance payments are made, the holder's premium payments will be exonerated

Hospital medical and / or dental expenses, covers hospital and / or dental expenses due to accidents under reimbursement, covers up to 100% within 180 calendar days from the New endorsements of claim Collective Life:
– Includes medical, surgical, hospital, pharmaceutical, nurse and ground ambulance assistance
– Covers up to 40% of the main limit for medical fees
– Covers up to 25% of the main limit to place orthopedic devices or prostheses and ground ambulance

Critically ill, this benefit gives you the ability to achieve a better quality of life and also the opportunity to live independently. You can use the money for the following:
- Pay debts
– Fill in missing income
– Take advantage of experimental treatments
– Take a trip and preserve its vine quality

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