The science behind love


The science behind love

In the most romantic month of all, we'll talk about the science behind love.

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The heart has become a representative image of love. However, according to studies, it is a neurological process that occurs within our brain. In which parts such as: the hypothalamus, the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, among others, are involved. Falling in love can produce hormones such as: adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, vasopressin and oxytocin. This can cause you to feel the typical butterflies in your stomach.
This is a chemical reaction of the brain, feeling in love activates the sympathetic system, which manages fear. This causes adrenaline to arise, the body sends more blood to the muscles, arms and legs to run, this produces a decrease in blood in the stomach, for which this organ sends a signal to the brain. This sensation is the well-known butterflies. This feeling is within the first phase of falling in love.

What phases does falling in love have?

According to psychologist Jed Diamond, in the process of falling in love there are five phases.

  1. Attraction. – It is the first phase, it can be called love at first sight, it is the moment in which there is a strong attraction. Here, people generate dopamine. This was indicated by Helen Fisher, an anthropologist specializing in the neurobiology of love.
  2. Hypervaluation.- At this stage, the other person is idealized, which makes the world look rosy, flaws are ignored and qualities are added.
  3. Appropriation of the other. – Here the person seeks to check if the attraction is reciprocated.
  4. Reciprocity in love. – The love has been reciprocated and the two parties enjoy each other's company.
  5. End of love. – The feeling of physical attraction and idealization fades. The other person is observed from a more critical point. This makes love become a "more mature love" when the flaws are accepted. But when they are not accepted the relationship ends.

Love then is a matter of the brain but not of the heart, even so, it makes us feel indestructible and see the world with better eyes. We wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

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