love is good for your heart


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love is good for your heart

Love is powerful, even for your health, this concludes several investigations. Continue reading to know more about this topic.
El amor es bueno para tu corazón

Table of Contents:

The World Heart Federation stated that love can prevent heart disease and contributes to longevity.

The affective ties we create with our partner, friends and family improve blood pressure. Thanks to this, the levels of anxiety, stress and depression are reduced. This feeling of well-being that you have when you feel loved is due to what happens inside your body.
In addition, the different demonstrations of affection collaborate with the good state of mental health and is excellent for our immune system. Just now that we are wondering how to strengthen our defenses, love is the answer.

On the other hand, if we talk about the heart. There are studies that indicate that people who have cardiovascular diseases and lack affection, have up to four times more difficulties to overcome compared to those who have emotional ties. Likewise, people with sentimental problems have a lower cardiac defense. In a study called "Marital Stress Worsens Prognosis in Women With Coronary Heart Disease," 600 women between the ages of 30 and 65 were studied. This study concluded that women in very stressful marriages had a higher risk of heart attack than women in a good relationship.
Another love that is good for your health is the one that our four-legged friends give us. Studies indicate that sharing our time with animals or even petting them reduces stress, relieves anxiety and depression. Also, they are an excellent company for those who live alone.
For children, sharing with animals is also beneficial. They practice responsibility by feeding and caring for their pets. They have fun with the furry ones and become more empathetic. In addition, if we grow with animals from a young age, the immune system is strengthened. In the future this means less chance of suffering from allergies or other respiratory diseases.

As you could see, love of any kind is good for your health. Take care of your heart and strengthen your immune system by loving and letting others love you.

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