Travel in times of Covid-19


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Travel in times of Covid-19

If you are going to travel this carnival holiday, find out what things you should take into account to enjoy it to the fullest.
Viajes en tiempos de Covid-19

Table of Contents:

Have your biosecurity kit ready:

What should you add here? We recommend you always wear a disposable mask because you must change it every 8 hours, this applies to the KN95 and KFN94. On the other hand, the FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks have a duration of 4 hours, just like surgical masks. Currently, the KN95 mask gives you protection up to 95%, which is why it is advisable to opt for this alternative. Also, bring your own alcohol.

Each place has its own requirements:

Check in advance what documents are necessary to enter another country. In some places the vaccination card is requested. On other occasions, a PCR test or an antigen test is also necessary. Likewise, there are places where when you arrive at the destination you need to be isolated for 14 days. Consider in the same way that in certain airports there are restrictions on companions. always inform yourself about the use of masks outdoors and indoors. The rules often change, so it is important to review them once a day during your stay.


Hotels inform about their security measures, check which place makes you feel safer.


Before arriving, check what activities you want to do, some have capacity restrictions or you need to make reservations to attend. In the same way, see if there are flexible activities so that if you cannot attend, they can be rescheduled.


We love being close to people, but it is advisable to keep your distance.

Handwashing your greatest ally:

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water. If you go with children make this activity more entertaining. Sing a song and show them that it can be a fun time.

Remember to feel good:

If you present any symptoms, it is recommended to stay home.

Returning from the trip:

For 14 days after your trip, monitor your health status.

Have health insurance: 

Health insurance helps you be prepared in case of an emergency. At BMI we have plans that have travel assistance. 

Discover more about BMI plans:

In these times of Covid-19, we must adapt to biosecurity measures to take care of ourselves and those we love. Follow these recommendations to have a smooth trip. Get information on official channels and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

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