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Technology has become an essential tool for promoting brands and spreading their messages around the world. Currently, it is a fundamental piece to have a digital presence, create communities and above all provide value. That is why, in October 2021, Ekos recognized the most outstanding brands for their digital presence on Facebook and Instagram with an event called Ekos Power Digital Brands.

The event featured various categories and companies nominated in each of them. Among these was the prepaid medicine category, in which we were recognized for our digital presence and influence on the Instagram social network. There were different variables that were taken into account to give us this recognition, such as the quality of the content, interactions with the account, sustainability, public opinion and its commitment.

We constantly promote the well-being of our audience through educational content full of value, thus creating a faithful community and above all committed to their health. As a company we look for different social platforms where we want to impact with content of value and importance for the diverse public. Instagram is one of the platforms where we have managed to get this public to obtain relevant information about health care in a digital space.

We are very proud of this achievement and we deeply thank Ekos for the recognition received at Ekos Power Digital Brands 2021. We will continue to add value to our audience and use technology to spread content with messages aligned to elevate their health and well-being.

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