Secrets to glowing skin in cold weather


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Secrets to glowing skin in cold weather

In cold weather our skin becomes more sensitive, this is because the dermis normally dries out, having a scaly appearance.

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This is a result of lack of hydration, as well as the fact that the winds suffocate the skin. That is why our skin care routine must be adapted for the cold season, then we will give you some tips.

Moisturizing your skin is important

As your skin dehydrates more easily, you have to use products that allow us to control this problem. Depending on your skin type, there will be creams or gels to moisturize the skin. It is best to consult an expert to recommend the best option according to your case. In addition, the area of the face is not the only one that we must take care of, the skin of the body also requires hydration. Especially our hands that are more exposed to the environment.

Hair can also be affected by the cold

Low temperatures can make hair dry, flaky, and irritated. In this case, it is different from dandruff, since it is an effect of the weather, but it is important that a dermatologist gives you a diagnosis to follow the appropriate treatment.

at shower time

It is preferable to take short showers, which in addition to taking care of the environment by saving water, take care of your skin. It is also advisable to avoid very hot water and use moisturizing shower soap.

Remember to apply sunscreen

Even if the sky is cloudy, you should use sunscreen, because UV rays pass through the clouds. Also, if you are at home you should use it. Always remember to reapply it, the reapplication time is on the packaging.

As you could see in this climate, your skin requires more care, let this be an excuse to pamper yourself more, your skin will thank you.

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