A new service area created for you


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A new service area created for you

Table of Contents:

For 8 months, BMI Unique has improved its operations with the creation of an international customer service department. This department assists policyholders who have plans with coverage inside and outside of Ecuador. We tell you more about the benefits of this BMI Unique service with which we have managed to enhance the experience of each of our members.

Constantly transforming ourselves to improve our processes and services is a fundamental part of the BMI philosophy, innovation and customer service are at the core of our value proposition. This is a value shared by all the staff that is part of the company, being a fundamental part of our team of brokers, who have an even more essential role in this new department.

BMI UNIQUE is in charge of coordinating all the attention that members require when they need services outside the country: appointments, surgeries, medications that are not marketed in Ecuador, letters of guarantee, transportation service, etc. Through this assistance, all our policyholders obtain a more complete, secure and exclusive experience, designed for their high quality standards. Our goal is to be allies of each of our clients, making them feel accompanied in their adventures outside the country, knowing that they are supported by the BMI team that offers them a personalized and complete service.


The Unique portfolio has 5 PREMIUM products that reinforce the quality recognized in each plan: 3000 Series, Meridian II, Azure, Ideal and Executive Plan. All these plans are part of the BMI platform, but now they have important improvements in their offer. We share some of them:

• Elimination of the deductible for hospitalizations within Ecuador and Colombia in the 3000 Series plans; Azure and Ideal with deductible up to $2500; and within the Meridian deductible elimination worldwide except for the USA.

• Increase in the travel assistance benefit to $10,000.

• Bonus of $500 in lodging for surgery cases that require hospitalization of more than 3 days.

• Free transportation for medical care.

• Expansion of the hospital network for the Azure and Ideal Plans.

With the creation of this new platform, we have ratified our leadership in the insurance market by providing assistance and unique benefits to our members. The plans in question involve complete coverage internationally, designed for customers whose lifestyle requires this type of coverage to make them feel calm.

Learn more about the benefits of each plan by clicking here.


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