The best hospitals are in the BMI Unique network


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The best hospitals are in the BMI Unique network

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Can you imagine being treated by the winner of a Nobel Prize in Medicine?

Having hospital care that maintains high quality standards means greater well-being and freedom for you during your travels.

Newsweek published in its latest edition the ranking of the best hospitals in the world. This ranking was prepared by the US media in partnership with Statista Inc., a global company that analyzes marketing and consumer trends, which developed an exhaustive ranking of the best hospitals in the world.

The top 10 hospitals are as follows:

To choose this top 10 from a list of thousands of hospitals, the data research company relied on recommendations from medical professionals, rates of patient care effectiveness, and physician practices. But what makes special the institutions that count in
she is ready?

All hospitals are actively involved in research that is currently building the future of medicine. They stand out for their constant research in different areas of health, the studies and experience of their staff, as well as the innovative treatments they have implemented and the studies they have carried out, among others. Even some of them, such as the Charité in Berlin, Germany, count among their ranks Nobel laureates in medicine and psychology.

We are your connection with cutting-edge hospitals

With BMI Unique you can get access to these world-class hospitals depending on the plan you have. If you chose the Meridian II or the Series 3000 you will have access to all the hospitals on the list. While with the Azure or Ideal Plan you will be able to access 7 of the 10 hospitals that are on the list. Your access to these institutions is guaranteed,  along with exclusive benefits designed for you.

Obtaining medical care in the world's most excellent hospitals, together with the most renowned specialists in the field, is now possible through our service area. We want you to continue living unique experiences with insurance designed for your high demands.


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