5 Basic Ways To Entertain Your Children and Educate Them At Home


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5 Basic Ways To Entertain Your Children and Educate Them At Home

Table of Contents:

A few weeks ago it was a challenge to plan activities with recreational and educational purposes for the weekend, we know how difficult it can be to change that calendar to 7 days.

We do not seek to be perfect parents, but trying and adapting it to our measure is what would represent the goal for many.

During this time of quarantine, maintaining a balance between educational and recreational is the key to maintaining a healthy routine between the home office and raising our children.

 Know 5 basic ways where you can balance the education and entertainment of your children:

  • Make examples: Yes, children have great imaginations and part of keeping their attention active when we are teaching them something is giving them examples to use their imagination. If it is about mathematics, you can together count the kitchen utensils, vegetables or fruits so that the teaching is effective and you understand what is explained.
  • Let them experience: One of the best ways to learn is by exploring, and the little ones in the house are natural scientists. The supervision of an adult and materials that you have available at home are important, there are many web pages with various home experiments in case you do not have ideas with the materials that you may have at home.
  • Play a question game together: Is it time to study geography and science ?. The best way to keep them enthusiastic is by challenging their knowledge with questions and answers, you can make cards with countries and representative characteristics of the same, in which continent it is located.
  • Start with what they like best: Many times we think that the best way to study with them is to start with the most complicated and many scientists indicate that letting them be the ones to choose which area they want to start with motivates them the most. If you are lovers of planets or animals, you will definitely have a lot of fun when it comes time to learn.
  • Watch a movie together with a positive message: These days at home allow us to keep the cinema days more followed, and it is an activity conducive to transmitting a message that generates a positive stimulus in the lives of the smallest of the home.

There are many ways to transform the social isolation that we are experiencing into an advantage to keep the creativity of our children alive and strengthen educational ties.

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