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In a recent study it was revealed that one of the new trends in the field of healthy food are raw foods (such as certain types of fish) and seaweed. This happens since both have high amounts of protein, which you can acquire without the need to consume so much meat.

Despite the fact that this combination has been quite popular among vegetarians for a long time, it is until now that it has begun to gain relevance among people who do not follow a specific diet but who want to moderate the way they eat, in search of being a little healthier.

The interesting thing about raw foods is that they keep all their protein benefits for the simple fact of not going through a cooking process. It is for all these reasons that both possibilities are a great option for those who want to invest a little more in their health through a healthy diet without having to give up their favorite dishes.

It is worth mentioning that, if you are interested in knowing more about this type of food, Asian cuisine has different dishes, however, there are other dishes that also have it. Here are some possibilities that you definitely have to try.

  • Gravlax: it is a Scandinavian appetizer that consists of slices of raw salmon, cured with salt, sugar and dill.
  • Poke and lomi: two Hawaiian dishes that include raw sliced tuna that can be prepared with a variety of ingredients.
  • Raw: Although it looks like sashimi it is not, it is an Italian dish of raw fish, which varies according to the region, seasoned with olive oil and aromatic herbs.
  • Koi Soi: It is a Vietnamese dish that consists of minced beef, with fish sauce, lime and spicy, although it can include different ingredients depending on the region where it is served.

If you want to know more about dishes that you can prepare with raw fish, click here.

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