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Seniors make up a large part of today's society, and it is estimated that in subsequent years they will become 20% of the world's total population.

On October 1, the International Day of the Elderly is celebrated worldwide; This seeks to raise awareness in the population to avoid discrimination and false ideas or stereotypes about old age and its role in society.

There are recurring themes nowadays such as the mistreatment of the elderly, which must be eradicated as they are linked to the ignorance that permeates the population and, mainly, popular culture.

This marginalization can be reflected in issues such as abandonment, that is why this day was created as a way to generate a collective conscience regarding the reality of this matter.

Such cases of marginalization have come to directly affect the elderly, not only in their social well-being but also in their physical and mental health, as well as the way in which they relate in society. It was from 2014 on that the United Nations determined that this problem was quite real and that is why this day was created.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that days like today are important to understand the reality about older people in these modern times.

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