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At present, the health consequences of cardiovascular diseases have become a focus of interest. World Heart Day is celebrated every September 29 and was created in 2000 in order to inform people about heart disease that is one of the world's leading causes of death.

This has not only helped to raise awareness but also to develop a culture around caring for our body. With simple habits of life a little healthier it is possible to prevent the development of diseases of this type.

On the occasion of this celebration we share a list of 3 tips so that your heart is healthy and does not cause problems:

1.- Eliminate sedentary lifestyle from your life. If you don't exercise regularly, this can greatly affect your health. It is not necessary that you do a sport or join the gym, although it is recommended, but if you do not have time, there are exercise disciplines that you can do from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes.

For example: doing simple stretching and push-ups routines every morning, from the comfort of your home, or doing aerobics before starting your work day.

2.- Living a healthier life also means eating better. This does not mean embarking on a difficult and complicated diet, simply reducing saturated fat (dairy, ice cream or chocolate), excessive sugar (candy, soda or energy drinks) and adding more fruits and vegetables to your dishes.

3.- One question that is crucial is to get a check-up with your trusted doctor every 6 months. Measuring your pressure is a great way to keep track of the state of your heart.


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