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In recent times, with the advancement of medicine and disciplines such as nutrition, humanity has sought new ways of being healthy in body and soul. For this, a constant study has been achieved that seeks to find new eating methods that may be more beneficial to health.

 This research reveals the study of vegetarian and vegan diets, gluten-free foods, and many food trends that are discovered every day in the search for a better food culture.

Every October 16 World Food Day is celebrated to make the population aware that this issue is of vital importance to gradually modify the way we eat and the impact it can have on our body.

Taking into account that food is a basic right, this day is more than raising a collective conscience for health purposes, but as an effective way to eradicate famine and malnutrition throughout the world.

Here are three simple tips so you can eat healthier without much effort.

1.- If you are not a lover of vegetables in salads, you can always boil legumes such as broccoli, pumpkin, carrot or spinach and later blend them to make a delicious soup.

2.- Eliminate sugar from your daily drinks such as coffee and tea. It will be difficult but once you get used to it, this will help to significantly reduce your sugar intake and that will be directly reflected in your figure and in your long-term health. Another option is to avoid soft drinks and replace them with mineralized water; It is complex, but not impossible.

3.- Eliminate excess salt and oil (or butter) when cooking your food. Using half the amount you are used to will undoubtedly be difficult, but your body will get used to it and will thank you in the future.

Follow all these tips and you will be able to see favorable results in your health in no time!

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