Feeding the body and soul, keys to a healthy life


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Feeding the body and soul, keys to a healthy life

We know how important it is to eat properly so that our body is full of energy. But did you ever think of feeding the soul? Above all, in these times, where day to day, we are forced to deal with different challenging circumstances. For this, it is important that we eat and know a series of habits that directly influence your health, a state of well-being not only in your body but also in your mind.
vida saludable

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Mind and body are closely related is something we have known for a long time. But What exactly does taking care of our body consist of? Giving it a general approach: it is not enough just to exercise and maintain good physical health, but it is also essential to feed the soul to enjoy a healthy life and take care of health by uniting body, soul and spirit.    

Sometimes making a stop along the way to ask about our health is necessary. Above all, if we understand it as something that goes far beyond the absence of diseases in the body and transcends to be a lifestyle that implies the management of our emotions, the care, enjoyment and progress of our family and social environment, labor and community.

As much as you try to hide, what you feel inside is what you will externalize, the image that others will take of you, so the best you can do is feed your soul to achieve that physical and mental well-being, So let's find out how to feed the soul and body with good habits in the following lines.

Plenitud= Vida saludable
Fullness = Healthy life

What is a habit?

Each habit is born from small decisions that, repeated, are strengthened in a behavior that forges a certain result. Therefore, habits have the immense power to improve the experience of individual and collective life, especially since neither happens in isolation. They are interconnected and by feeding one, you are probably nurturing the other, like a chain. For example, practicing physical activity leads in many cases to eating better.

In other words, we can say that the human being is a composite of body, soul and mind, where the body is the vehicle of manifestation, the soul our spiritual state and the mind the connection between both.

What must I do to achieve harmony between body, mind and soul?

Taking care of the body could be the beginning to achieve this balance, which will allow us to take action with our mind.

Next, we present the ten keys to have good physical and mental health.

  • Healthy food. Eating healthy not only helps you keep your mental health in check, but it also makes your brain feel better physically, keeping it active and providing it with the necessary nutrients to be healthy.
  • The gratitude diaries. A gratitude journal could become your best ally if you have insomnia, that is, problems related to lack of rest. Write down the tasks that you have scheduled for the day, reflect on what is important and show gratitude for all the things that happened throughout the day. Writing will make your brain feel more tired, thus instilling a feeling of exhaustion that will help you sleep better at night. Make this a routine, as a rested brain is a happy brain.
  • Search for a purpose. Most people are happier knowing that they are striving for something, that they are helping to improve society, and that they have a purpose in life. While working without a clear objective, in pursuit of absolute nothingness, does not bring you any kind of satisfaction. Pursuing a goal can help you feel like you have a reason to keep doing what you do.
Meditación= Vida saludable
Meditation = Healthy life
  • Meditation. Meditation and good mental health, meditation can help slow the aging process in addition to providing other benefits. Meditating can immediately lift your spirits and produce an overall sense of well-being. Some of the exercises you can try are breathing techniques like the 4-7-8 method or alternate breathing. It is also a good idea to do some type of physical activity such as yoga so that you can disconnect and relax.
  • Laughter. It is scientifically proven that laughter can help reverse certain types of brain damage by releasing chemicals that help strengthen parts of the brain that cannot be healed otherwise. In addition to all this, laughing increases good cholesterol, and reduces inflammation of the arteries, helping you maintain a healthy heart!
  •  Stress management. Stressful situations can have serious consequences for your brain because they can overload it and leave you drained. Learning to cope with stressful situations, such as exam time or a particularly busy work week, can help you determine the times of the week to take a break. Give yourself the time and freedom to breathe fresh air every now and then.
  •  Make time for yourself. Use an agenda or make a schedule, it will keep you more organized; keep in touch with yourself, don't lose sight of yourself, your emotional needs are the most important thing. When you need to rest, do it; when you feel sick, take care of yourself; spend time with your friends or with yourself; do whatever makes you feel good, find space to enjoy the little things in life. This way you will maintain the illusion of living and your goals and dreams will continue to grow.
La risa = Vida saludable
Laughter = Healthy Lifeand
  • Value and take care of your body. Exercise improves the body and mind, because it increases vital energy. Remember that your soul will not be healthy if your body feels weak. When we exercise, our brain secretes endorphins, the same substance that secretes when we are in love; eat healthy, drink plenty of water and eliminate toxins.
  •  Help the others. Serving will give you a sense of self-fulfillment and satisfaction that will lead you to live a full life.
  •  Become aware of your negative emotions and reactions. Detect the origin of the negative emotion and the reason for your reaction; watch your reactions, difficult times will pass, but you may regret for a long time how you handled them.

All of these foods are calorie-free and fill gaps, dissatisfaction, anxiety, and eliminate stress. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. In this sense, ask yourself: Does the sum of your practices and actions lead you to maintain and strengthen your health?

Start practicing these keys that we advise you and little by little you will see how your health improves remarkably in every sense of the word.

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