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Anxiety and stress in daily life have become so normalized that we recognize both conditions as an inherent part of adult life. And yes, it is a problem that remains latent in us, but we must prevent these feelings from interfering with daily activities, becoming difficult to control, or becoming disproportionate in relation to the real situation.

Remember that it is not necessary to go to an extreme where you feel overwhelmed, it is always important to prevent the consequences of these disorders. Therefore, here we share 3 simple tips that will help you reduce anxiety and stress.

Have healthy lifestyle habits. As we mentioned before, prevention is the best tool, so eating a balanced diet is the first step, since a healthy diet improves mood. Add a physical exercise routine to your diet, so you can generate more endorphins and reduce levels of cortisol, the hormone that is released in response to stress. In addition, try to sleep enough hours and on a defined schedule to be able to regain vitality.

Tomatoes! One of the most popular options to treat the symptoms of this type of ailments are herbal teas, of which valerian is the most recommended to minimize anxiety levels, as it helps to relax the nervous system and facilitates reconciliation. dream.

Relaxation techniques. Stretching or warm-up exercises are simple to perform and effective in relieving tension. For example, turn your head in gentle circles. Stretch up, then lean to one side and the other slowly. Complement these simple movements with a few minutes where you practice breathing exercises, which will help you oxygenate the blood and activate the body's relaxation response.

Do not take stress and anxiety lightly, remember that it is always advisable to seek a specialist, who can offer you more tools to reduce the effect of both conditions and keep you fully.

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