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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has managed to establish itself as a differentiating element for companies. Today more than ever it is necessary to develop a business strategy where improving the situation of the community in which the business is developed is part of the priorities.

A sustainable business model and any philanthropic practice that the company carries out, generates changes within the institution, such as greater adherence among members, promotes social entrepreneurship and new leaders emerge, which translates into added value for the company. Similarly, the adoption of humanitarian values creates a closer relationship with consumers and society in general.At BMI we have established alliances with charitable and social aid organizations in the different cities where we are present: we sponsor events to collect funds for to the foundation Mindo Futures in Ecuador and we get involved with their health care campaigns.

We are an insurance company that takes its care work seriously, we know that our job involves committing ourselves to the well-being of people and we bring that belief to life outside the office.

At BMI we have found a way to join relief campaigns in cases of natural disasters, just as we did this year in Guatemala after a volcanic eruption that left many victims. It is part of our responsibility as part of the community.

The value of helping is in each of the members that are part of BMI, and with our actions we seek to reinforce the necessary bond of trust between you and us. Our commitment is with your peace of mind!

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