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Studies carried out by Human Resources specialists have made it clear that, for business organizations of any size to progress, it is essential to create a good work environment.

A full and safe environment contributes to having a more productive team committed to the company, which translates into internal and external benefits. Statistics show that workers highly committed to their organization can improve their business performance by up to 30 percent and are twice as likely to exceed performance expectations as their peers who do not feel attached to the company's values.

But what do we mean when it comes to healthy work environments? The WHO (World Health Organization) has carried out research with professionals from different branches to develop not only an adequate definition, but also a model to follow to form such environments. According to these investigations, a healthy work environment is one in which workers and bosses collaborate in a process of continuous improvement to promote and protect the health, safety and well-being of workers and the sustainability of the work environment.

The most important challenge is to integrate each member of the organization in this environment of trust, tolerance and proactive thinking, therefore, we share 3 ideas that can help you promote an improvement in your workplace:

Host short but productive meetings 

Business meetings require patience and concentration, aspects that wear out from day to day, so planning meetings that allow participants to feel relaxed will contribute to more effective brainstorming and stimulate connection between colleagues. We recommend setting a specific schedule and respecting the established time. Remember, a meeting with an excessive duration does not mean that it is more productive, on the contrary, mental burnout will be a difficult factor to overcome.

Recognize the achievements of your work team

It is recommended that every company has a system that rewards and recognizes achievements, not only to promote a corporate identity in your team, but also as a tool to contribute positively to their emotional and psychological state. People like to feel valued and feel that our opinion and tasks count.

Encourage autonomy

It is extremely important that employees have their own responsibilities in their work and have a free way to think critically, as well as to propose ideas, only by stimulating these factors can a proactive development be achieved. Similarly, it is important that the company develop strategies to offer its employees growth and improvement prospects as incentives for their performance.

Forming a healthy work environment is not as complex as it sounds, it is actually about being empathic with the members of your organization, being interested in their achievements and concerns, as well as proposing joint solutions to achieve business objectives without neglecting the individual.

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