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At BMI Headquarters we are pleased to be able to provide our employees with ongoing programs with a variety of topics focused on enhancing awareness, experience and knowledge, presented by professionals from Baptist Health of South Florida. These topics include Back Pain and Injury Prevention; Breast Cancer Awareness; Diabetes Awareness; Heart Disease Prevention, Stress Management and Exercise at your desk.

The first topic: Back Pain and Injury Prevention was presented by Dr. César H. de Beche, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. Dr. Beche's philosophy is simple to understand, it is important to take care of your back because the spine protects the nervous system, which controls its eleven systems, which control your organs, which control your body and its functions.

The second topic selected was Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a very important topic and we are pleased to see the great participation we had in this session thanks to the BMI employees. Causes, risks, prevention, and helpful information about Breast Cancer were discussed by two Baptist nurses, Zuzel Ortega and Jenny Benson, who work with Breast Cancer patients, from diagnosis, to continued treatment, and to survival.

Continuing with the wellness sessions, the third topic selected is Diabetes Awareness, which will be presented by Cathy Clark-Reyes Licensed and Registered Dietitian. The following topics will be: Heart Disease Prevention, Stress Management, and Exercising at your desk.

At BMI we are always looking for innovative ways to promote health among our employees, we believe that health is always a priority in life. There is always room for more knowledge regarding our health. We are excited to see our employees participate and learn in these programs and hope that the rest of the sessions will be successful.

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