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Environmental problems, such as pollution, overpopulation, exploitation of natural resources and consequently the alteration of ecosystems, have led humans to be increasingly aware of the high repercussions that all this entails.

The truth is that while the industrialization of cities progresses gradually, as well as the constant modernization of society, it is increasingly difficult to avoid significant impacts that in some way harm the planet.

Then the question arises: What is it to be conscious?

Being aware is changing your way of life, to achieve a goal, even if it does not have a direct or immediate benefit to you. It should be noted that all is not lost, it is up to us to generate a culture of care that is completely innate in the way of thinking of the new generations, as well as their conception of the surrounding reality. It is from various acts that we can change our way of seeing life, without necessarily having to be an activist in favor of environmental laws.

In this increasingly mediated society, it is important to reconnect with nature: this implies doing more outdoor activities with a responsible attitude, rediscovering that nature is one of the greatest wonders we have and hence, generate a chain awareness, to take care of it as much as possible.

We share 3 tips that can have a positive impact in environmental terms, simple specific actions that will help generate change:

  • If you live relatively close to your school or work, you don't need to always use the car. A bicycle is a great option for you to help the environment, in addition to staying fit. A great option to start on this very relevant crusade.
  • When you go shopping, buy a cloth bag to avoid mass production of those made of plastic and paper, which, beyond contaminating, contribute to the degradation of ecosystems.
  • Avoid as much as possible the use of straws (also known as straws, calimetes or straws), thus helping to reduce the effect that plastic causes as a residue.

As a final reflection, it is extremely important to understand that all the small actions we take in order to generate a change in caring for the environment have an impact, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

The change is in you!

 “Without a healthy environment, we will not be able to end poverty or promote prosperity. We all have a role in protecting our only home: we can use less plastic, handle less, waste less food, and teach each other to care for it. ". - António Guterres, Secretary General of the UN.

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