Know some tips to balance your time


Know some tips to balance your time

Nowadays, it is more and more common for people to want to do many things at the same time, be multitasking so that time is enough and to be able to generate income, carry out household activities, spend time with the family and have fun, but how is this achieved? balance and balance time so that you can have and do everything? This is the question that we will answer today through some tips.
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Having time for everything does not have to be something impossible to achieve, nor should leisure or fun time be put aside or feel that everything must be effort and work to achieve what you want, life does not have to be a uphill mountain that leaves you feeling tired and drained of energy at the end of the day.

With just a little organization and following these tips, you can find that balance point to not only do everything you want but also have leisure and fun time and feel that the days flow effectively and productively.

Some useful tips to balance your time

1.- Organize your activities for the day in advance. Set priorities, be sensible, many times it may happen that you want to fill yourself with things to do and want to have everything ready in one day, but the consequences of this is that you will leave things unfinished and feel frustrated or exhausted. Be sensible, prioritize what is urgent and go step by step.

2.- When you wake up, take about 30 minutes to do some activity that makes you feel good and fills you with energy, many times it is thought that practicing some sport can tire but it is not so, physical exercise or also practices such as yoga or meditation will make you feel more energetic and strong.

3.- Eat properly. Food is vital to have energy, but that is why you should look for healthy and nutritious foods and avoid consuming processed foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and minerals to your body. 

4.- Learn to say No. You can't please everyone and much less do it all the time. It's not wrong and you shouldn't feel guilty for saying No. You must understand that your time is worth it and you can't postpone your desires or your activities to please others.

5. Do not waste energy on  "If only I had done this differently", leave the past behind and do not criticize yourself for what you have not done or managed to do the day before, it is time to let go of control and live in the present. If there's something you can't get done that day, put it on your agenda for the next day, but don't judge yourself for it.

6.- Do not overload yourself with the problems of others. It's okay to be empathetic and help, but it's a waste of energy and effort trying to solve the problems of everyone around you.

7.- Take time for each task, without thinking about the next one. The mind can become scattered and turn your life into chaos if you don't focus on one thing at a time. go slowly Remember that there should also be time for leisure and rest.

8.- Put aside perfectionism remember that as long as you do things with enthusiasm and a good attitude, everything will turn out much better.

9.- Have good rest habits. Sleeping and resting properly is necessary to have energy, so make sure that when you go to rest you are relaxed, disconnect from the mobile phone and negative news. Listen to music or have a cup of tea.

10.- Delegate, ask for help.  Both at work and at home we must share responsibilities and tasks, you do not want to do everything alone so remember to ask for help and collaboration because that will make everything easier.

11.- Establish schedules. It is not about being inflexible, but try to have a set schedule, do not take work home, and if you work from home, respect your work time and your time for other activities. 

12.- Avoid distractions. There is time for everything, so avoid distractions such as checking social networks every 5 minutes, it is preferable to do it during breaks.

In order to balance your time and have energy, your attitude is very important, the way you start your day will help you, but also following these tips and remembering to take care of yourself so as not to affect or have a negative impact on your health.

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