The importance of reading with your children


The importance of reading with your children

In childhood is when habits are created in children that will generally accompany them for the rest of their lives. The moment of childhood is when they are somehow a sponge that absorbs everything and develop their abilities, that is why the work of parents is very important to be able to encourage their proper development, and reading is an excellent tool for this. .
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The habit of reading is undoubtedly beneficial in many ways, and reading with your children will not only allow you to enjoy a pleasant experience that helps you develop your skills, but also help you cultivate an excellent relationship between parents and children.

Through reading, children can develop their imagination, but not only this, but it has many other benefits that we will mention below, and that will make you want to share those moments of reading with the little ones in the house.

Benefits of reading with your children

1.- Share. The moments of reading with your children are moments of union and sharing, they need to feel that they are important; this experience will allow them to enjoy a few minutes a day together, in which they can then talk about reading.

2.- Imagination. Without a doubt, reading allows both children and adults to encourage imagination and also their creative capacity. When reading, emotions are experienced, the mind is let go and a new world is created through the characters of literature.

3.- Vocabulary. Reading improves vocabulary in children, allows you to learn new words and their meanings, and reading aloud is highly recommended because it allows you to improve your diction and expression.

4.- Learning. Reading encourages learning and the acquisition of new knowledge for life. Children's stories, fables and novels always leave a message, moral or teaching.

5.- Create ties. The ties between parents and children are for life, but those ties are strong through sharing pleasant moments with the family.

6. Concentration. In children, reading helps them stay focused and avoid distractions, which will benefit them in their academic activities in the long term.

These and many more are the benefits of reading with your children, but we also want to give you some tips when reading with them.

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