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It is no secret to anyone that stress has been an innate problem in the human condition since time immemorial, however, with the passing of generations and the arrival of modernity in socio-cultural terms, it has made human beings become involved in a modus vivendi much faster or accelerated, so the way we perceive our reality has made stress a determinant for health with highly negative impacts.

This is how, with the advancement of health disciplines such as medicine or psychology, they have shown the terrible consequences that a life full of stress entails and that can trigger serious ailments or illnesses in human life.

Today we commemorate Stress Awareness Month, that is why we share a list of tips so that you can eliminate stress and thus prevent its consequences from directly affecting your daily life and health.

● Choose a time of day when you can disconnect from your responsibilities and turn off your cell phone, among other electronic devices, and then try to close your eyes in a comfortable place. Performing this exercise 10 minutes a day at the end of your workday can help you calm down and eliminate all worries.

● Before going to sleep, on a sheet of paper make a written list of all the worries that bother you, from most to least. This exercise serves to purge your mind of the chaos caused by having several worries in your head at once.

● Finally, although it may seem silly, it is a tip that works a lot. Support your arms against the wall and push hard, this exercise will release the tension that accumulates in both arms, legs, and back.

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