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Table of Contents:

The sunny days are back. Like every year, in March, between the 19th and the 21st, the spring equinox encourages renewal. It is the first season of the year in the boreal hemisphere, so it invites us to bloom like the trees bloom this season.

In March we can recalculate our New Year's goals; It is a good time to find out how we are doing, what we have done and what we will do in the summer. Spring gives us time to rest and days to reflect.

Everything changes. The sun moves, trees and other plants pollinate, animals catch the "heat." Everything is renewed.

We must take advantage, then, of this season of changes to reconnect and restructure. What will we do the rest of the year?

The projects and ideas that we proposed at the beginning of the year can take hold with spring. It is another beginning, which has nothing to do with the calendar. So, you have to take advantage of it. A good idea is to write our goals in a notebook and check in the middle of the year how they have evolved.

Let's let go, let's live in the present and enjoy the life that spring has returned. Spring with all that it means: sun, warmth and renewal.

Spring, I restart.

Many things can happen in this year and they will depend on our activities and objectives. Because being calm is a way to be happy and being happy in spring is the best way to celebrate that nature and us, we renew ourselves.

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