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Table of Contents:

Since 1992, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities began to be commemorated every December 3 with the clear aim of raising awareness around people who live in this way.

Likewise, this day serves to dispel the myths or doubts that exist regarding disability, in order to inform the population about everything that it entails.

It should be mentioned that disability is commonly understood to be the limitation of a physical or mental faculty that affects the daily life of an individual partially or totally. Among them we can find various types such as: sensory, cognitive or intellectual, or mental illness, among others.

According to recent studies carried out by the UN, it is estimated that people with disabilities are more likely to be victims of different types of violence, among the most common: bullying.

The lack of education, which is reflected in ignorance, is one of the main engines for this type of stigmatization to continue even in these times, that is why information campaigns have been carried out so that this way is gradually eradicated thinking, and consciousness becomes part of the collective imagination of society.

Beyond all that, it is true that over the years society has become more inclusive, and it is thanks to initiatives like this that tangible changes can be achieved in the way we relate to our reality.

At BMI we have always been aware of what this means and that is why we have insurance tailored to your needs. Known here all the details of our Platinum Plan for people with disabilities.

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