Safe physical exercise: 8 tips to resume exercise without injury


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Safe physical exercise: 8 tips to resume exercise without injury

It is so important to carry out physical activity regularly, how to take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries.

Table of Contents:

Safe physical exercise is important, both how to take the necessary precautions to avoid injury.

Many made a hiatus during 2020, with the purpose of resuming it in 2021. Some people have even proposed starting an active life as a goal for the new year. Because the body needs to be adequately conditioned, either to resume or to start exercising, it is important to follow a gradual preparation process with basic routines.

When a sports routine has been interrupted for a while, it is not possible to resume it at the same point where it left off, the body must be conditioned according to the time it was inactive and it is important to do it in the correct way to avoid the appearance of injuries and perform safe physical exercise.

What are they and what recommendations should be taken into account to perform safe physical exercise? If you want to exercise in a healthy way, follow these eight tips that BMI proposes and you will be able to get in shape without endangering your health. Take aim!

Ejercicio Físico ¡Toma Nota!
Physical Exercise Take Note!
  1. Search a Motivation: Set a realistic and clear exercise goal before you start again.
  2. Get organized: No more making the excuse that you don't have time. If you know how to organize yourself well, you can do sports two or three times a week, one hour each day. Think about the previous time you exercised.
  3. Start Progressively and Without Demanding You Too Much: The body has its rhythms, it requires time to adapt to exercise, as well as for muscles and bones to become stronger.
  4. It starts with a HeatingWhen it comes to exercising, do a gentle, low-intensity practice. This will warm up your body, but also your mind, helping you focus and exercise more precisely.
  5. Cools: When finished, repeat the gentle activity, so fresh nutrients can arrive to satisfy the cellular demand of the moment.
  6. Do not forget about StretchingThey are basic. The musculature, after a period of inactivity, weakens and loses efficiency. Also the heart. By stretching you will counteract and reduce stress on muscles and joints before, during and after exercise.
Hombre Hidratandose
Hydrate yourself
  1. Hydrate yourself: You must hydrate before and after physical practice, also so that the joints are lubricated.
  2. Eat well: Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and do not forget the protein for the regeneration of the muscles. Physical activity is just one part of your overall health and wellness plan. If you accompany your routine with small and healthy changes in your diet, the results will be much more noticeable.

Remember, do not demand too much, do not be so programmed or strict, try to see it in a positive way and take advantage of the first days to capture and experience safe and conscious physical exercise.

We hope that these tips will help you to resume exercise and above all motivate you to do it so that you are in shape without endangering your health! Cheer up!

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