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Table of Contents:

Art-Therapy as a Resource in Neuropsycholinguistic Development

Surely you have heard about art therapy more than once, what you may not know are each and every one of the benefits it has for children, adolescents and the elderly. In today's article we are going to see how art therapy provides the opportunity to express what cannot be said in words. It also offers a natural and easy way of communication that helps us strengthen self-esteem and tell what happens to us. Let us begin! 

Sometimes, due to the personality that the minors have, or because that desired confidence is not achieved, parents find it very difficult for their children to express their emotions, what they feel, what worries them. Not only in the case of minors, but many times adults also experience it. Given this, there are different resources that can be used and one of the most unique is the one that we want to introduce you to.

Since ancient times, language has been one of the most important higher mental processes to express thoughts and feelings through words, it is the functionality that grants emotional balance from thought to word. It allows you to feel well-being and promote in the person a happy coexistence without fear, accompanied by social skills with the extinction of prejudices in the adult stage.

It is very important to know what art therapy is, it refers to the use of artistic techniques for personal development, Neuropsycho-Linguistic processing and improvement of the quality of life. It seeks that there is another type of communication beyond verbal. Its main objective and methodology is the development of creative freedom, being able to treat many aspects of behavior, as well as relational ones. It encompasses many and very different creative processes, all of them focused from a playful, symbolic and very entertaining point of view. You can work with plastic painting, body language, music or even theater. Learning, depending on each person and each need, is based on a sensory and expression concept. It is those individualized needs that guide art therapy itself to the best of ends.

The result itself of that painting or that dance does not matter, what we really must give importance to is the process of realization because it is there that you can discover things about how each one is and use it for your own benefit.

Thanks to these artistic manifestations, each one will tell the reality or the feelings that they live with themselves and with their closest environment. Art therapy puts at their disposal the necessary tools to advance, allowing them to express themselves and at the same time develop in the linguistic aspect, always respecting personal rhythms.

It is time to see the main advantages and benefits of using art as therapy in children, adolescents and adults.

  • Facilitates communication in people who have difficulties in verbal expression.
  • It is a way of expressing your feelings, since art therapy helps to reflect feelings from your inner world.
  • Promotes the stimulation of memory, creativity and imagination.
  • By focusing on the here and now, you reduce your stress and anxiety levels.
  • It favors concentration, self-esteem, autonomy and reduces dependency.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • It develops communication skills and can be useful to increase emotional ties with family members.

In addition to all the above, BMI brings you other interesting indications regarding the use of art therapy, this time referring to the little ones:

  1. If the little ones are angry, it is recommended that they start painting lines, as it is considered that this will relax them, they will calm down again and will make their anger or rage disappear.
  2. In the event that they are sad, the best alternative is that they proceed to draw a rainbow. And it is that this element and the set of colors that they have will return their smile.
  3. If what they find, because they constantly manifest it, is boring, they can also resort to art therapy. In particular, it is recommended that they choose to start coloring any drawing that is given to them. And it is that this activity will keep them entertained.

It is one of the most complete therapeutic activities and at the same time the easiest to practice. Because it is a pleasant and minimally invasive therapy that most like to practice.

What do you think of art therapy? Will you practice it or will you practice it with yours?

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