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Table of Contents:

Fly Yoga and Functional Training: the sports that stomp this season

Help your body, by simulating daily activities that improve balance, coordination, agility and resistance, we propose two sports that are a trend to tone the body and make you feel healthy, these are Fly Yoga and Functional Training.

Gyms and outdoor training centers take more prominence these days, with Functional Training and Fly Yoga being one of the most popular, because it is suitable for everyone and provides notable benefits to those who practice it.

In the case of Fly Yoga, you have a firm mind and a light body. It is a new discipline that combines the classic version of yoga with dance, acrobatics and gymnastics in the air. As practiced? Fabric swings are used suspended from the ceiling, which allow to work on balance, coordination and the strength of the body itself. At the beginning of this activity, a meditation is performed: mind control is what facilitates progressive activity. Unlike other sports, a prior warm-up is not necessary. Once in the air, the activity continues with the traditional yoga postures and, although it seems difficult, by gravitating the body, you have more freedom to perform movements. In addition to the physical capacities that are worked (breathing, stretching, strength, movement and body control), mental and emotional skills are also stimulated. The Fly Yoga method is not exclusive; It can be done by anyone, regardless of their physical condition.

Now, another way to train is through Functional Training, this consists of working the different muscles through a routine in the form of a circuit. It is one of the most complete, motivating and effective sports, which today has been installed in many gyms. In its beginnings this method was used as a type of rehabilitation for athletes, however, it expanded and today it can be practiced by anyone who wants to lose weight, tone muscles or simply gain well-being. The objective of this type of training is to make it functional for those who practice it and improve their quality of life. The best way to exercise is to do something that we like and is interesting to practice. Functional training helps to strengthen the muscles of the body in order to correct and maintain correct posture. In addition, it stimulates balance, speed, endurance, energy and body flexibility.

Take note of other benefits that these challenging, novel and few traditional exercises bring to your body and mind such as Fly Yoga and Functional Training:

  1. They are anti-stress: The exercises have a relaxing effect; for example, they help you sleep better.
  2. They tone the body: it shapes the figure, helps to stretch, tone and strengthen the muscles, improving flexibility.
  3. They activate circulation.
  4. Correct posture: suspension and inversion exercises relax the spine and release tension.
  5. They generate greater strength, speed and power.
  6. They rehabilitate injuries.
  7. They bring social benefits, since the activities that require working in groups favor interpersonal relationships. Beyond the sports and physical benefits, you can start new relationships.
  8. They are routines that have dynamism, fun and efficiency who practice them, get hooked. 

The recommendation is that these activities be carried out two or three times a week. It cannot be a daily routine because when working the whole body, a rest of the muscle and joints is necessary to assimilate the exercises correctly. Always take into account that this type of training must be accompanied by an adequate diet, according to what is sought.

What do you think of these practices? Do you dare to try them? Now you know a series of benefits that you will get from trying Functional Training and Fly Yoga. Do not hesitate and discover the results.

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