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Table of Contents:

Seller Profile

The seller's profile is defined by the set of elementary traits and qualities that the seller must have in order to achieve optimal sales results. To achieve results, the seller must possess a set of qualities that, seen from an integral perspective, are divided into three large groups:

1) Attitudes

2) Skills

3) Knowledge

Here is a brief description of these qualities that a salesperson must bear in mind to achieve the greatest of their successes:


They are the set of responses that the human being manifests before certain people, situations, places and objects. Therefore, actions that manifest positive attitudes or responses at all times, in front of everyone and in all places, constitute one of the most important qualities that the seller should have. Some of them are:

• Commitment

• Determination

• Enthusiasm

• Patience

• Dynamism

• Sincerity

• Responsibility

• Courage


A set of capacities and skills are necessary to adequately perform their duties. In that sense, there are two types of skills that the seller must have:

1) Personal skills

2) Sales skills

Personal skills

These skills are part of what the person is, therefore, it is essential that the seller possesses them when entering the company. Among the main personal skills are:

• Know how to listen

• Have a good memory

• Be Creative

• Have Team Spirit

• Be Self-disciplined

• Have Touch

• Have ease of speech

• Possess Empathy.

Sales skills

These types of skills, unlike personal skills, can be developed with effort and discipline. Among the top skills for sales are:

• Ability to find clients

• Ability to generate and cultivate relationships with clients

• Ability to determine the needs and desires of clients

• Ability to make effective sales presentations

• Ability to close the sale

• Ability to provide after-sales services

• Ability to provide feedback to the company about what is happening in the market.


It is another of the indispensable qualities that the seller must have and it is necessary for him to properly perform his functions. In that sense, the seller needs to have:

  • Company knowledge
  • Knowledge of products and services
  • Market knowledge

In short, the seller profile is a valuable sales management tool that

describes the set of traits and qualities that the salesperson must have to achieve the objectives in his sales area.

In summary, the COMPREHENSIVE SELLER PROFILE describes a set of three basic qualities that the seller must have to achieve good results in most markets:

  1. Positive attitudes
  2. Personal and sales skills
  3. Knowledge of the company, the products and services that the company sells, and the market.

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