Recycling and its importance: the future of the planet is circular


Recycling and its importance: the future of the planet is circular

Recycling is more than an action, it is the value of the responsibility for preserving natural resources.
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Today, May 17, the World Recycling Day whose objective is to make the population aware of the importance of treating waste properly to protect the environment.

Recycle is the process in which waste or waste materials are collected and transformed into new materials that can be used or sold as new products or raw materials.

This action is a different way of conceiving life and perceiving the natural environment; is respect for what is enduring, for the use value of things and for our living planet.

Recycling is directly linked to ecology and to the concept of sustainability, which implies that human beings must be able to take advantage of the resources that the planet and nature they provide, but without abusing them and without causing significant damage to the natural environment.

Unidos para salvar nuestro planeta.
United to save our planet.

Benefits of recycling:

1. Reduction of the volume of waste.

2. Preservation of natural resources, since recycled matter is reused.

3. Saving energy and therefore reducing dependence on oil, it usually takes less energy to make a product from recycled material than from virgin material.

4. Reduction of air, soil and water pollution.

5. Reduction of costs associated with the production of new goods.

6. Recycling creates jobs.

Niños jugando con materiales reciclados.
Children playing with recycled materials.

What can we do as citizens to be an active part in this process?

Reduce, reuse and recycle these three basic actions will make us take care of the future of our planet. Sustainable development will only be possible if we save, consume responsibly and respect nature.

Recycling is a simple process that can help us solve many of the problems created by the modern way of life. Large amounts of non-renewable natural resources can be saved when recycled materials are used in production processes.

Were you aware of the consequences of such an everyday act as recycling materials that we no longer use?

Recycling is not a fad, it is a collective necessity! Join up!

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