Why is it important to have international health insurance?


Why is it important to have international health insurance?

An international health insurance offers you peace of mind and protection abroad with access to hospital and medical benefits.
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International health insurance has been designed to provide long-term protection to individuals or families who spend a lot of time traveling, against any accident that may occur. In the same way, they will have the possibility to choose a network of providers around the world that provide medical care.

The globalization of our insurance company offers you various services that can be very useful. For that reason, regardless of the reason you have to travel to another country; an international health insurance offers you a wide coverage related to common situations that may arise across borders.

Home health insurance in many countries provides limited coverage and does not offer protection in other countries.

Empresario protegido con un seguro de salud internacional
Businessman protected with international health insurance

It has become essential to have health insurance and every day that passes people are more aware of the importance of having a policy before you need it. For this reason, some opt for international health insurance due to the breadth of benefits, if that is your case, we invite you to analyze what the advantages are.

Advantages of an international health insurance

  1. Access to advanced medicine and treatments.
  2. Timely hospitalization. 
  3. Effective ambulance transfer service abroad in case of emergencies and inability to travel to the health center.
  4. Protection of your assets in the event of a serious illness.
  5. Large network of providers.
  6. Access to periodic medical check-ups abroad.

Our worldwide health plans are designed for those clients who, due to their lifestyle and mobility, want to have the best level of medical coverage available in the market.

This is a perfect option for people (businessmen, international students, etc.) who want to have medical accompaniment wherever they go and who want to have access to the most important centers of reference worldwide.

This new way of life allows us today to work from anywhere in the world and it is good to have health insurance that accompanies us wherever we are.

Seguro de salud internacional - Acceso a beneficios hospitalarios y médicos
International Health Insurance - Access to Hospital and Medical Benefits

At BMI we offer you peace of mind and we offer you health plans worldwide. Choose the ideal option for you and your family, and stop worrying, contact us for more information.

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