Health Insurance: Why is it important to buy it?


Health Insurance: Why is it important to buy it?

Prevention is the central point of health insurance. A health policy will give you emotional peace of mind and will protect your assets in difficult times, providing well-being to you and your loved ones.
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Today more than ever the most important thing is the health and well-being of oneself and the family, so taking care of them has become a priority for everyone and acquiring health insurance is essential. And so, at any time in life, even more so in times like the ones we go through, prevention takes on a great level of importance.

No one is free from getting sick or having an accident, although the level of risk is different for each person, they will need to take their precautions. The best way to cover these risks is by hiring health insurance that guarantees the treatment and attention of incidents that may arise.

The insurance works as a contract in which we as the insurer, in exchange for an economic benefit called "cousin", we take care of the damages and affectations caused. When we do it, you get economic protection; signing insurance should not be considered an expense, it is more accurate to think that we are buying peace of mind.

Beneficios- Seguros de salud
Benefits- Health Insurance

At BMI we have made a ranking with some of the advantages of contracting private health insurance.

  1. Speed: In case of need, speed and agility when making an appointment is essential. One of the clear benefits of having health insurance is the possibility of requesting an appointment with a specialist doctor or carrying out a diagnostic test with the certainty of knowing that in a few days you will be in front of a health professional.
  1.  Access to prestigious hospital centers: Health companies maintain contracts with the most important hospitals. Having private insurance means having access to centers equipped with the latest medical technologies, which have special units and which offer all kinds of treatments.
  1. À la carte service: The insured can configure the benefits of their medical insurance according to their budget, choosing what healthcare they want and the health plans that suit them.
  1. Second opinion: In line with the above reason, the insured also has the possibility of having the opinion of a second specialist if you wish. You just have to choose the professional you want to visit in the insurance medical chart and retell your case.
  1. International coverage: Many private health insurances offer services almost anywhere in the world.
  1.  Digital assistance: Today insurers are committed to the digitization of services and proof of this is the fact that you can receive the care of a health professional through a video call.
Atención médica- doctora formando un corazón
Medical care

There is health insurance for all situations.

Getting health insurance helps you manage your health care needs. In addition, it shields the economy of individuals and families against the costs of private medical care. Without a doubt, it is one of the best investments that can be made at any age so you should not consider it an unnecessary expense.

Keep in mind that when a family member contracts a disease, the costs of such an event have a negative impact on the economy of the rest of the family. Remember that having insurance is like having an umbrella, which can be activated at the right time and will provide you with support to preserve emotional stability and your assets in difficult times.

To contract a private medical service, in addition to the advantage, you also have to take into account the one that best fits in price and benefits to what you are looking for. That is why it is important to research the different options offered by each insurer.

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