Smart and effective eating, don't diet: Transform your lifestyle!


Smart and effective eating, don't diet: Transform your lifestyle!

Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Or are you one of those people who go on diets, only for a while? yes, with the intention of losing those extra pounds and then returning to your old habits.
Deportista sonriendo mientras come una manzana
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In society, the word diet is often associated with losing weight. With discarding certain foods. We also have it associated with restriction, deprivation, scarcity ... in short, starving and with it, the consequent sacrifice. We want to make a subsection to clarify that etymologically the word "diet" comes from the Greek dayta, which means "life regime", in the sense of "lifestyle". That is, it is not something with a beginning and end date.

It is about learning to eat in a healthy way, real foods (fruits, vegetables, vegetables, seeds, legumes, whole grains, quality proteins). It is about wanting to change your habits, decide and choose to do it, not only because you want to lose weight, but for health; it is something good for you, your family, your self-esteem, your body, your image, for a good quality of life, living with a lot of energy and vitality.

In this article we want to talk about the importance of following a healthy lifestyle that helps you on a daily basis. The opposite of following strict diets or short detox plans. Making good nutrition part of your day to day is a intelligent, effective and bearable proposal, in addition to that you can maintain it for much longer, because it is not a plan, but a lifestyle.

Estilo de vida saludable
Healthy lifestyle

Good nutrition and health go hand in hand.

Recognizing that food affects many aspects of the body, it is essential to ensure healthy nutrition. The importance of a good nutritional lifestyle goes beyond achieving a stable weight. Although many are interested in eating well to lose weight, a healthy diet offers other relevant benefits that are worth considering.

Benefits of a healthy and balanced eating style:

  1. Consume varied and calorie-controlled dishes: it speeds up the work of the metabolism and helps to lose weight more easily.
  2. Food is a source of "fuel" for the body: allows to have optimal physical and mental performance.
  3. Eating well protects immune and cardiovascular health: helps proper absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In fact, there is evidence that the contribution of certain nutrients stimulates immune function.
  4. Design light and varied dishes: thus the digestive load decreases and, therefore, disorders such as constipation are avoided.
  5. Adequate nutrition favors the ability to concentrate: minimizes the negative impact of free radicals on the brain.
  6. Eating nutrients help preserve your bones, muscles, and joints: such as calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, among others ...

In general, a good diet contributes to the proper functioning of vital organs, which reduces the tendency to develop chronic diseases.

Buena Alimentación
Good nutrition

Transform meals into a lifestyle that can be maintained over time and allows you to have a healthy weight, making you feel good inside and out. Finding that balance between enjoying, having a healthy weight and life choices.

Don't start a diet that will end one day, don't diet anymore Transform your lifestyle! Better to choose a change in habits and start with a new lifestyle that will last forever.

"Nutrition: the secret to a strong immune system"

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