Travel Assistance: The importance of insured travel


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Travel Assistance: The importance of insured travel

Travel assistance should be considered as an investment in your peace of mind. To enjoy your trip to the fullest, it is essential to have this assistance that can make the difference at the time of any incident.
Vacaciones seguras

Table of Contents:

There is something that is very important when planning any trip and is sometimes overlooked: travel assistance.

It helps to cope with any type of inconvenience in the selected destination. In the event of an unforeseen event and you are not protected, it is very likely that large expenses will be incurred, because medical care abroad, like other incident services, can be more expensive than private consultations locally.

Beyond the normal risks of life itself, when traveling it is added that we are in places we do not know, doing different things every day and living new experiences. In the same way, to this are added other types of risks such as: loss of flight or luggage, legal problems of any kind, dental emergency ...

With travel assistance you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected and insured in every journey of your life.

Asistencia en viaje - la tranquilidad de saber que estás protegido
Travel assistance - the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected

Protection every mile

This coverage can include your assistance and the protection of your assets, in addition to the people you include in the plan. The services that you can have when hiring can be found in the general conditions of the chosen plan.

Here are some of the benefits of travel assisted by us:

  • Assistance for accident or illness and Covid-19
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Dental emergency
  • Flight loss or cancellation
  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Problems that require legal assistance for transit
  • Early return due to accident or death of a relative in the first degree
  • Funeral Repatriation And Many More Benefits!

By traveling protected with BMI Travel Assist you will not have to worry about any inconvenience that may arise during your trip. Our trained team will respond to you when you require any type of assistance.


Frequent questions

What is the period of time in which the benefits indicated in the BMI Travel Assist Plans can be obtained?

It is the time that elapses from zero hours on the day of validity of said plan, until 24 hours of the day of end of said validity, both dates must be reflected in the proof of purchase and as long as the beneficiary is in abroad.

What are the justified causes for the cancellation of a contracted trip?

The death, accident or serious illness of the beneficiary or relative in the first degree of consanguinity (spouse, siblings, children or parents) the summons as part of a witness or jury of a court, damage by fire, theft, force of nature or quarantine medical.

When does the cost of a delayed or canceled flight apply?

It applies if the beneficiary's flight was delayed for more than 6 consecutive hours to the one originally scheduled, as long as there is no other transportation alternative. It will be reimbursed up to the coverage limit agreed in the contracted plan, only in hotel expenses, meals and communications.

What legal assistance for traffic accidents does BMI Travel Assist offer to the beneficiary?

The assistance assumes the expenses caused by the civil or criminal defense of the beneficiary due to the responsibility for traffic accidents.

In which cases does the medical transfer operate?

In the event that the doctor at the Assistance Center considers it pertinent, taking into account the illness or accident that occurred abroad.

Vacaciones seguras con BMI Travel Assist
Safe holidays with BMI Travel Assist

Travel assistance with BMI Travel Assist

Travel assistance with BMI Travel Assist is your answer. On the one hand, you have the security of having the most complete health coverage, wherever you move. Our Travel Assistance plans are backed by the largest network of specialized services in the world, to be able to serve our clients immediately, safely, efficiently and in their language, without affecting your pocket: BMI Travel Assist assumes the cost of your emergencies.

All this without having to pay more, or worry about taking out insurance every time you go on a trip. Thus, not only do you cover your day-to-day health care and prevention needs, but it also allows you to travel with the maximum peace of mind of having the best coverage of the most precious.

You will have the same peace of mind on your vacations or work trips as if you were at home, covering almost any unforeseen event; contact us for more information.

Telephone number: (305) 443-2898, Email: INFO@BMITRAVELASSIST.COM, or through our digital platforms such as Instagram: @bmicompanies / Facebook: BMI Companies / LinkedIn: BMI Companies / Our website:

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