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The holiday season is popularly considered the most wonderful and special time of the year, but this time on the calendar also represents a period where stress levels skyrocket. Some people may feel overwhelmed by the accumulation of tasks in a very short period of time, the abundance of social commitments, the expectations placed on celebrations, as well as the expense of money, factors that accentuate the exhaustion accumulated during the year, reducing the capacity to deal in a positive way with pressure, in addition to generating conflicts of various kinds.

At BMI we want to help you better deal with this happy but stressful time of year, therefore, we share some basic points to reduce stress and make these days more enjoyable.

Limit spending and budget

According to the annual Stress in America survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA), financial problems are the leading cause of stress this season.

Now that you know, you can do the following to avoid this problem: Make a list of all expenses for celebrations, including parties, visits with friends or family, as well as gifts. Then integrate it into your list of routine monthly payments, when taking the balance you can know if you are exceeding the limits of your possibilities or if you are within the appropriate range. Being realistic about your budget will help you avoid overspending and worrying about later.

Learn to say no

Personal commitments, work dinners and family events are abundant on these dates, and on many occasions, you do not have the time, physical energy, and peace of mind to attend everyone.

Give yourself the opportunity not to fill your agenda, you have the right to excuse yourself from any invitation that is presented. It is essential to learn to give up certain meetings and take advantage of the time to dedicate it to what you really want.

The season is also a good time to seek calm, moments of reflection and meeting with oneself.

And most importantly… have fun!

Always seek to bring out the positive side at every moment, get involved with the causes and people that will make you feel emotionally satisfied, and do not allow misunderstandings or excess tasks to disturb your parties, your peace of mind or interrupt your time with your loved ones.

Enjoy this Christmas season with a smile and away from stress!

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