Is there luck or not?

A question that can certainly generate a lot of curiosity is: Does luck exist or not? If you are wondering what are the reasons why some people are luckier than others, today we will try to answer this question, what does good luck depend on? luck of some, the one that many want.
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Luck is often associated with those people who easily achieve what they set out to do or those who win money in games of chance or lotteries, but the reality is that luck is not something that depends only on chance, it is also in your hands. , in your personal decisions… as they say: to win the lottery, the first thing you have to do is buy it, because if you don't buy it, how can you win?

bad or good luck

But, what is luck? Well, luck is the positive or negative result of an event, there is good luck and bad luck, depending on whether the result is favorable or not, but if we see it from the point of view of life, we can win or lose, those are the two possible options, but we must also understand that by losing you also win, you gain experience, you learn, you live. 

When talking about luck, it often refers to situations that are not controllable, and it is for this reason that a favorable outcome is related to something fortuitous and lucky, but the reality is that good luck often depends on actions and attitudes that you have and not just from simple chance or from something that is born with you.

Nowadays we hear phrases like "she or he has bad luck in love", but really, can luck be blamed for this? Or should you be aware that it is directly responsible for the choice you make. For that reason it is important to see how luck is directly related to your decisions.

If there are those for whom life seems to be easier than for others, or who achieve success more easily, but many variables influence this, and above all the personal decisions they made. It's all about attitude, if you think you can achieve something, you are more likely to achieve it, than if you are predetermined to believe that it will not happen.

Good or bad luck will depend on you, on how you see life, on your attitude towards obstacles and not giving up at the first difficulty, having the ability to be versatile, to change objectives if necessary to achieve goals. It is also very important that your goals are realistic and that you are honest with yourself.

If you think you are a lucky person, it is surely because the balance has been in your favor, but that does not mean that at a certain moment something negative cannot happen to you, the important thing is to understand that it is part of life and not believe that luck has turned his back.

Your decisions will set the course so if you believe that luck exists, then it will, but it will depend on you and not chance. You will not need any magic amulet or perform any ritual to attract luck, you will only need to have more confidence in yourself to go towards what you want.

Good luck accompanies all those who do not give up on their dreams and who take the necessary actions every day and do not sit around waiting for things to fall from the sky.

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